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Anderton Concrete

Anderton Concrete Products Ltd is a market leading manufacturer of concrete rail products, fencing materials and retaining wall systems with an unrivalled reputation for quality, design & innovation. The company supplies a vast range of sustainable precast products to every sector of the construction industry; fully supported by our experienced sales & technical team, we have built long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers including major contractors, the rail industry, the Ministry of Defence and national merchant distributors.

Concrete Products

  • Full C1 Troughing Range and complimentary products
  • Concrete Retaining Wall Systems
    • Keystone
    • Stepoc
    • Slope-loc
  • Fencing & Building Products including:
  • Bespoke Pre-cast Products

Network Rail Approved Concrete Product Supplier

We are a Network Rail Approved Supplier and a British Board of Agrément (BBA) – Accredited Company. As a key UK supplier of concrete products, Anderton Concrete has answers to most challenges and has contributed substantially to the national infrastructure network.  With the more recent incorporation of a new range of Engineering products, Anderton Concrete offers a choice of basement, retaining wall and soil reinforcement solutions, to cater for most circumstances.


Concrete Canvas


Concrete Canvas Ltd manufacture a ground breaking material technology called Concrete Canvas that allows concrete to be used in a completely new way.

Concrete Canvas was originally developed for the award winning Concrete Canvas Shelters, a building in a bag that requires only water and air for construction.

Concrete Canvas (CC) is a flexible cement impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable water proof and fire proof concrete layer. Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll, all you have to do is add water. CC has a number of applications in the civil and construction sectors.



Dywidag Systems International



DYWIDAG-SYSTEMS are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of a range of geotechnical products including: ground anchors for excavation support or retaining wall tieback, soil nails for the stabilisation of cuttings and embankments, and threadbar systems for mini piling and rock bolting.


Additional products include slope protection mesh for soil nails and drape mesh for rock bolts, together with GRP bolts and resin cartridges.  DYWIDAG supply three threadbar types:  GEWI, GEWI-Plus and Prestressing Steel.  These threadbars are used for a range of applications as outlined above, as well as tension piles, sheet pile tie bars and rock dowels.


DYWIDAG have specialised in the geotechnical market for over the last 40 years and offer a full technical service, CAD project drawings and stressing and testing operations.


Recent projects include: New Forth Bridge (approach roads), Crossrail (stations and adits), M1 Widening J10-13, M25 Services at Leatherhead, Glendoe Recovery Scheme, Olympic Park Slope Stabilisation, A3 Hindhead Tunnel.


Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd


Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd specialises in Soil Stabilisation. We offer this technique as substitutes for the importation of primary or secondary aggregates and the export of waste to tip. This results in a saving at least equal to the disposal cost of the waste material. Other spin offs include a 70% reduction in the consumption of diesel in the execution of these activities, a 95% decrease in HGV movements onto and off site, and the elimination of waste to tip equal to the quantity of primary and secondary aggregate required on site.

Envirosoil can also provide construction products and services, in parallel, which compliment our core activity, such as Enabling Works, Earthworks, Below Ground Drainage, and other civil engineering work elements. Our products have provided financial and sustainability gains to a diverse range of Construction Clients, such as, Persimmon Homes, Barnwood Construction, MV Kelly, Keller, Talk Talk Group, Berkeley, Morgan Sindall, Crest Nicholson, and many more.


ESG Group Ltd

ESG is the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services. ESG offers an unrivalled range of technical expertise and services through a nationwide network of UKAS accredited laboratories, consultancy services and field based operations.

More than 5,000 customers, across a wide range of sectors, benefit from ESG’s services and expertise. The company is committed to continuous improvement, innovation and quality, which underpins its operations and processes, ensuring that customer requirements are always exceeded.


Ischebeck Titan Ltd

Ischebeck Titan’s renowned throughout the world’s civil engineering and construction industries for providing some of the most innovative and effective solutions for a wide variety of ground engineering, structural stabilisation and earth retention solutions.

The Ischebeck Titan range of hollow self-drilling injection anchors offers excellent versatility in application and, with consultation at early stages of a project, can deliver significant cost and time saving benefits over traditional methods in temporary and permanent works situations.

Leca UK

Leca® LWA was initially developed in Denmark in 1939 to provide lightweight brick and blocks.  Since the end of 1950’sLeca® LWA has been used for insulation and lightweight fillings in roads and railway across Scandinavia.

It is a lightweight expanded clay, formed by heating and firing natural marine clay in a rotary kiln at temperatures up to 1150 degrees centigrade.

Lightening the load in civil engineering applications is the primary aim of Leca’s lightweight aggregate, now available in the UK.


Maccaferri Ltd

Maccaferri Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the worldwide Maccaferri Industrial Group which has its headquarters in Bologna, Italy and manufacturing facilities in over 20 countries, worldwide.

Maccaferri has expanded significantly in recent years and now offers a broad range of geotechnical solutions through a team of industry leading experts specialising in retaining structures, erosion protection, rock-fall mitigation, pavements, fibre reinforcement for concrete and slope reinforcement systems.

The Company operates from offices in Oxford, Perth, Dublin and Belfast and is able to provide its clients a comprehensive package of services including the design, manufacture, supply and installation of geotechnical solutions on a nationwide basis.
Through its dedicated installation subsidiary, Maccaferri Construction Ltd, the Company can also provide a complete facility for clients seeking the reassurance of a fully managed and guaranteed package, from concept to completion.



OGI Groundwater Specialists Ltd

OGI has more than 20 years of experience in providing groundwater related services to clients and contractors in the United Kingdom. We supply specialist design and consultancy for some of the most challenging natural ground conditions encountered by the construction industry.

Our solutions are delivered using unique specialist design techniques and in-house developed software. The solutions are implemented by an experienced field team within a tight and appropriate Health and Safety framework.

The principle areas of OGI’s work are in the field of Construction Dewatering, Geotechnical Design Services, Computer Modelling and Ground Source Energy.



Phi Group

Phi Group is the largest retaining solutions specialist in the UK designing, supplying and building a wide range of retaining structures.

Phi Group has remained at the forefront of retaining structures technology for over 25 years, balancing engineering demands with environmental considerations.

Phi Group’s directly employed construction teams operate nationwide providing a complete design, supply and build package, affording optimum peace of mind and minimum risk to client and contractor alike.


Platipus Anchors

Platipus Anchors is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical earth anchoring products. Founded in 1983, we are renowned for providing some of the most innovative and cost effective anchoring solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction industries.

The percussion driven mechanical anchor is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground level using conventional portable equipment. It creates minimal disturbance of the soil during installation, can be stressed to an exact holding capacity and made fully operational immediately.

As a completely dry system the Platipus anchor requires no grout or curing time and creates no mess or contamination, delivering excellent performance for applications including: –

• Retaining Walls                    • Slope Stabilisation
• Bridges                                   • Sheet Piling
• Erosion Control                     • Gabion Support
• Rock Retention                      • Buoyancy Control / Pipelines
• Drainage                                 • Guyed Structures
• Scaffolding                              • Foundations
• Landfill Capping                    • Portable Buildings / Structures
• General Security                    • Marine Applications
• Tunnel Linings                       • Temporary Works

The Platipus presentation will explain how a mechanical anchor works, the different anchor designs, sizes and available materials to suit a wide range of design life requirements and will finish with a selection of typical scenarios and application examples.



Profile Products is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of hydraulically applied erosion control and vegetation establishment products.  Profile is a founding partner of IECA (International Erosion Control Association).  We offer environmentally sound, site-specific solutions including soil modification, erosion control and plant establishment.

Profile offers on-site solutions and consultation to engineers, architects and builders around the world. Our products have been used on thousands of projects to stabilize sites, improve growing conditions and accelerate germination. We work in many markets – mine remediation, landfill, infrastructure, pipeline, coastal erosion, motorway, levee / flood defense – anywhere where ground is disturbed and sediment control / vegetation establishment is critical.

Our team of agronomists, engineers and industry experts is supported through a worldwide network of experienced distributors providing solutions for your environment.




Siltbuster is a range of liquid/solid separation devices designed for:
• Temporary use on construction sites to remove suspended solids/oil from water pumped from excavations, etc.
• Cost effective use on municipal and industrial waste water treatment projects.

Siltbuster Limited is the UK’s leading provider of mobile silt management equipment.  Siltbuster  designs, builds and  markets the unique and innovative Siltbuster units to the Construction, Environmental Remediation , Industrial sectors and  the Municipal Wastewater sector.  We operate a large hire fleet of Siltbuster FB50 units and a smaller number of HB50 hopper bottom , including Oil Water Separators and Mobile Filter Presses for solids dewatering.  The company has in excess of 60 silt pollution prevention projects ongoing at any one time, as far afield as the Orkney Isles and New South Wales, Australia.  The Siltbuster process is considered best practice for the management of dirty water pumped from construction sites.  The whole Siltbuster range has been designed to meet the increasing need to improve environmental protection of water courses, groundwater, marine environments and hence water sources both present and future.


Tencate Logo


TenCate Geosynthetics is the global leader in geosynthetics.

We offer progressive system solutions for world markets through our global brands, TenCate Polyfelt®, TenCate Bidim®, TenCate Mirafi®, TenCate Miragrid®, and TenCate Geotube®.

As a global leader, our geogrids and geotextiles are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet project specifications for transportation construction, mechanically stabilized earth, erosion control, water and waste management, and shoreline protection/marine structure construction.

TenCate Geosynthetics develops and produces materials that increase performance, reduce costs and enable people to achieve the unachievable.

Click here to see a video clip of TenCate’s presentation



Uretek is the sole specialist contractor for its geopolymer injection techniques and has led the world in offering the most advanced and accurate systems for concrete slab lifting and stabilisatioand a non-disruptive alternative to conventional underpinning to solve foundation subsidence problems.

Uretek is now in over 80 countries worldwide and was established in 1988 in the UK. Since then, Uretek (UK) Ltd has successfully stabilised over 6000 sites in the UK with our internationally patented systems of Uretek Geopolymer Injections and PowerPile Expansive Pillars.

Applications include domestic homes, commercial and public buildings, airport runways, industrial floor slabs, and major commuter roads.

Uretek’s amazing systems save time and money and take the stress out of solving problems of sunken concrete and building subsidence.

FLI Vertase


VertaseFLI is a leading brownfield and contaminated land remediation contractor, groundworks contractor and environmental contracting specialist. We are also the UK’s largest geo-synthetic supplier and installer with over 20 years of UK and international presence and experience.