GEOTEX Chatham

16 OCT
The Historic Dockyard



08:00 – Registration Opens

08:55 – Chairman’s Introduction

09:00 – Siltbuster Ltd
Siltbuster will be presenting on the latest changes to environmental legislation and how common construction site activities can cause pollution incidents. A selection of case studies will demonstrate best practice for the treatment of pollutants including: Silts, Oils, and Concrete Wash Water.

09:25 – Geosynthetics Ltd
Geosynthetics Limited provides “inspired solutions for civil engineering” through its team of design and application engineers.
Using extensive knowledge of product and applications the team are developing an enviable reputation for innovative and sustainable solutions that not only achieve the desired objectives but also save time and reduce costs.
We aim to promote and lead innovation throughout the UK to deliver sustainable geosynthetic solutions for an improved environment by working with our partners to ensure a responsible and reliable approach, through a successful and dedicated team.

09:50 – Platipus Anchors
Geotechnical Design using Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®)” Platipus will cover the prediction of load theory and testing and how it relates to conceptual proposals and indemnified designs. This will be presented through specific case studies encompassing erosion control, slope stabilisation, retaining walls, sheet piling and drainage applications.

10:15 – Refreshment Break & Networking

10:30 – Concrete Canvas
New Technology – Concrete Canvas (CC) is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire resistant concrete layer. Learn how this innovative material is being used as a rapid alternative to conventional concrete in ditch lining, slope protection, bund lining, gabion reinforcement, concrete remediation, culvert lining and more.

10:55 – Envirosoil
Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd specialises in Soil Stabilisation. We offer this technique as substitutes for the importation of primary or secondary aggregates and the export of waste to tip. This results in a saving at least equal to the disposal cost of the waste material. Other spin offs include a 70% reduction in the consumption of diesel in the execution of these activities, a 95% decrease in HGV movements onto and off site, and the elimination of waste to tip equal to the quantity of primary and secondary aggregate required on site.

11:20 – Dywidag Systems
DYWIDAG-SYSTEMS are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of geotechnical systems, including ground anchors, soil nails, mesh facings and mini piles. DSI lead the field in drilled geotechnical systems and have been associated with many large and complex projects globally: UK examples include Chelsea Barracks Ground Anchors, Watford Cutting Slope Stabilisation and Battersea Power Station Redevelopment and the A465, Heads of The Valleys Widening.

Dywidag will be speaking about the range of solutions and service available from DSI with particular focus on slope stabilisation systems including case histories that highlight the benefit of the combined service approach that DSI can offer.

11:45 – Refreshment Break & networking


12:00 – Maccaferri
140 years ago Maccaferri invented Gabions and dramatically changed civil engineering’s landscape. We are still changing it today. We work everyday to find better solutions for our clients. We make innovation happen around the world and we offer ongoing support to establish relations built on solid trust.

In the UK Maccaferri are able to offer a wide range of engineering solutions on a supply or supply and installation basis.

12:25 – Vertase FLI

Vertase FLI is a leading brownfield and contaminated land remediation, enabling and environmental contractor.  We work for development, house building, manufacturing and petrochem sectors delivering complete remediation solutions & development ready platforms together with our clients and their teams.

12:50 – Stress UK
STRESS in association with GeoInnovations delivers the only designed, guaranteed, patented ground permeation technology in the world.

The ReFORCE system is used for :

  • Large diameter high capacity piles beneath existing footings and slabs through 40mm diameter holes.
  • High capacity ground anchors through existing retaining walls.
  • Ground Consolidation for enabling works in basement construction and underpinning to control water and potential settlement.
  • Engineered Ground Stabilisation

13:15 – Complimentary Lunch & Networking

14:30 – Geotex Closes

Location Details

Chatham Historic Dockyard

The Historic Dockyard
Main Gate Rd, Chatham ME4 4UY


Siltbuster Ltd
Geosynthetics Ltd
Platipus Anchors
Concrete Canvas
Dywidag Systems
Vertase FLI
Stress UK


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