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Geosynthetics Ltd

Geosynthetics Ltd – New for 2018

Geosynthetics Limited provides “inspired solutions for civil engineering” through its range of geosynthetic products and application solutions. Using extensive knowledge gained over the years, Geosynthetics Ltd have developed an enviable reputation for innovative and sustainable solutions that not only achieve the desired objectives but also save the customer time and reduce overall costs

Geosynthetics Limited’s extensive range of civil engineering products can provide solutions for even the most complex of projects. It is Geosynthetics Limited’s commitment to the highest standard of customer service that makes the company a leading supplier of geosynthetic materials.


Dywidag Systems International

Dywidag Systems International – New for 2018

DYWIDAG-SYSTEMS are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of geotechnical systems, including ground anchors, soil nails, mesh facings and mini piles. DSI lead the field in drilled  geotechnical systems and have been associated with many large and complex projects globally: UK examples include Chelsea Barracks Ground Anchors, Watford Cutting Slope Stabilisation and Battersea Power Station Redevelopment and the A465, Heads of The Valleys Widening.

Richard Kennedy will be speaking about the range of solutions and service available from DSI with particular focus on slope stabilisation systems including case histories that highlight the benefit of the combined service approach that DSI can offer.


Hydro Apps Ltd – New for 2018

Hydro App work in partnership Profile Products to bring world class hydroseeding and hydraulically applied erosion control systems to UK construction contractors and consultants.

Our team has over 20 years combined experience in erosion control and environmental contracting, working in construction, civil engineering, rail, utilities, highways, house building, airports, MOD and nuclear sectors.

Hydro App also offer product training and CPD style seminars to engineers and architects who would like to know more about specific erosion control techniques and products; this includes training on Profile’s unique PS³ specification builder – access to the PS³system is free, and a must for all engineers and specifiers in the sector.

Our presentation aims to explain how Profile’s innovative high performance range is setting new standards in erosion control performance.


Concrete Canvas – New Solution for 2018

Concrete Canvas Ltd manufacture a ground breaking material technology called Concrete Canvas that allows concrete to be used in a completely new way.

Concrete Canvas was originally developed for the award winning Concrete Canvas Shelters, a building in a bag that requires only water and air for construction.

Concrete Canvas (CC) is a flexible cement impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable water proof and fire proof concrete layer. Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll, all you have to do is add water. CC has a number of applications in the civil and construction sectors.


Platipus Anchors – New Case Studies

Platipus Anchors is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical earth anchoring products. Founded in 1983, we are renowned for providing some of the most innovative and cost effective anchoring solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction industries.

The percussion driven mechanical anchor is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground level using conventional portable equipment. It creates minimal disturbance of the soil during installation, can be stressed to an exact holding capacity and made fully operational immediately.

As a completely dry system the Platipus anchor requires no grout or curing time and creates no mess or contamination, delivering excellent performance for applications including: –

• Retaining Walls                    • Slope Stabilisation
• Bridges                                   • Sheet Piling
• Erosion Control                     • Gabion Support
• Rock Retention                      • Buoyancy Control / Pipelines
• Drainage                                 • Guyed Structures
• Scaffolding                              • Foundations
• Landfill Capping                    • Portable Buildings / Structures
• General Security                    • Marine Applications
• Tunnel Linings                       • Temporary Works

The Platipus presentation will explain how a mechanical anchor works, the different anchor designs, sizes and available materials to suit a wide range of design life requirements and will finish with a selection of typical scenarios and application examples.


Siltbuster – Revised Presentation on New Legislation/Techniques

Siltbuster is a range of liquid/solid separation devices designed for:
• Temporary use on construction sites to remove suspended solids/oil from water pumped from excavations, etc.
• Cost effective use on municipal and industrial waste water treatment projects.

Siltbuster Limited is the UK’s leading provider of mobile silt management equipment.  Siltbuster  designs, builds and  markets the unique and innovative Siltbuster units to the Construction, Environmental Remediation , Industrial sectors and  the Municipal Wastewater sector.  We operate a large hire fleet of Siltbuster FB50 units and a smaller number of HB50 hopper bottom , including Oil Water Separators and Mobile Filter Presses for solids dewatering.  The company has in excess of 60 silt pollution prevention projects ongoing at any one time, as far afield as the Orkney Isles and New South Wales, Australia.  The Siltbuster process is considered best practice for the management of dirty water pumped from construction sites.  The whole Siltbuster range has been designed to meet the increasing need to improve environmental protection of water courses, groundwater, marine environments and hence water sources both present and future.



Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd – Updated Costed Case Studies

Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd specialises in Soil Stabilisation. We offer this technique as substitutes for the importation of primary or secondary aggregates and the export of waste to tip. This results in a saving at least equal to the disposal cost of the waste material. Other spin offs include a 70% reduction in the consumption of diesel in the execution of these activities, a 95% decrease in HGV movements onto and off site, and the elimination of waste to tip equal to the quantity of primary and secondary aggregate required on site.

Envirosoil can also provide construction products and services, in parallel, which compliment our core activity, such as Enabling Works, Earthworks, Below Ground Drainage, and other civil engineering work elements.



Geobear – New Speakers and Case Studies

Geobear is the sole specialist contractor for its geopolymer injection techniques and has led the world in offering the most advanced and accurate systems for concrete slab lifting and stabilisatioand a non-disruptive alternative to conventional underpinning to solve foundation subsidence problems.

Geobear is now in over 80 countries worldwide and was established in 1988 in the UK. Since then the company  has successfully stabilised over 6000 sites in the UK with our internationally patented systems of  Geopolymer Injections and PowerPile Expansive Pillars.

Applications include domestic homes, commercial and public buildings, airport runways, industrial floor slabs, and major commuter roads.

Geobear’s amazing systems save time and money and take the stress out of solving problems of sunken concrete and building subsidence.


Anderton Concrete – Revised Presentation

Anderton Concrete Products Ltd is a market leading manufacturer of concrete rail products, fencing materials and retaining wall systems with an unrivalled reputation for quality, design & innovation.

The company supplies a vast range of sustainable precast products to every sector of the construction industry; fully supported by our experienced sales & technical team, we have built long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers including major contractors, the rail industry, the Ministry of Defence and national merchant distributors.



Keller – Latest Piling innovations

Keller is the worlds largest ground engineering specialist. With offices in over 40 countries on 6 continents we employ over 9000 staff.

The Keller roots date back to 1860 and from a relatively humble beginning it has been built around engineering excellence, safety and continuous innovation.We transfer our technologies around the globe giving clients the benefit of our international vision.

Profile Products – Geotechnology, helping make the World a Greener place

Profile Products is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of hydraulically applied erosion control and vegetation establishment products.  Profile is a founding partner of IECA (International Erosion Control Association).  We offer environmentally sound, site-specific solutions including soil modification, erosion control and plant establishment.

Profile offers on-site solutions and consultation to engineers, architects and builders around the world. Our products have been used on thousands of projects to stabilize sites, improve growing conditions and accelerate germination. We work in many markets – mine remediation, landfill, infrastructure, pipeline, coastal erosion, motorway, levee / flood defense – anywhere where ground is disturbed and sediment control / vegetation establishment is critical.

Our team of agronomists, engineers and industry experts is supported through a worldwide network of experienced distributors providing solutions for your environment.

Geobrugg – High-Tensile Steel Wire Meshes and Nets for Increased Safety

Geobrugg globally develops and manufactures protection systems made of high-tensile steel wire. These safety systems are used for reliable protection against natural hazards such as rockfall, debris flow, landslides, avalanches, or as a safety measure in building and mining tunnels, in fish farms, motorsports, architecture, and proving grounds. Geobrugg high-tensile steel wire nets and meshes are characterised by their strength, high energy absorption capacity and supreme durability. More than 65 years of experience and close collaboration with research institutes and universities make Geobrugg the leading expert for safety solutions.

The Geobrugg network, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 50 countries, guarantees a fast and economic realisation of projects. Together with the client’s engineer, Geobrugg engineers help to define the optimal solution and can if required supervise the installation of standard or customised protection systems. For more information about the company, please visit www.geobrugg.com.