Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd

Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd

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Envirosoil (Remediation) Ltd specialises in Soil Stabilisation. We offer this technique as substitutes for the importation of primary or secondary aggregates and the export of waste to tip. This results in a saving at least equal to the disposal cost of the waste material. Other spin offs include a 70% reduction in the consumption of diesel in the execution of these activities, as well as a 95% decrease in HGV movements onto and off site.

Notwithstanding these local carbon busting benefits, Envirosoil can now utilise special hydraulic binders, which further reduce the carbon footprint of its products – up to 72 tonnes of carbon per 1,000m3 processed – and we also make a production pro-rata, monetary contribution to carbon credits.

Envirosoil can also provide construction products and services, in parallel, which compliment our core activity, for instance Enabling Works, Earthworks, Below Ground Drainage.

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