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Platipus Anchors is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical earth anchoring products. Founded in 1983, we are renowned for providing some of the most innovative and cost effective anchoring solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction industries.

The percussion driven mechanical anchor is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground level using conventional portable equipment. It creates minimal disturbance of the soil during installation, can be stressed to an exact holding capacity and made fully operational immediately.

As a completely dry system the Platipus anchor requires no grout or curing time and creates no mess or contamination, delivering excellent performance for applications including: –

• Retaining Walls • Slope Stabilisation
• Bridges • Sheet Piling
• Erosion Control • Gabion Support
• Rock Retention • Buoyancy Control / Pipelines
• Drainage • Guyed Structures
• Scaffolding • Foundations
• Landfill Capping • Portable Buildings / Structures
• General Security • Marine Applications
• Tunnel Linings • Temporary Works

Illustrated by engaging animations & case studies, Platipus will provide a practical insight into how Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®) can be used within a range of industry sectors for temporary or permanent applications including erosion control, slope stability, earth retaining structures and drainage.

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