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Siltbuster is a range of liquid/solid separation devices designed for:
• Temporary use on construction sites to remove suspended solids/oil from water pumped from excavations, etc.
• Cost effective use on municipal and industrial waste water treatment projects.

Siltbuster Limited is the UK’s leading provider of mobile silt management equipment. Siltbuster designs, builds and markets the unique and innovative Siltbuster units to the Construction, Environmental Remediation , Industrial sectors and the Municipal Wastewater sector. We operate a large hire fleet of Siltbuster FB50 units and a smaller number of HB50 hopper bottom , including Oil Water Separators and Mobile Filter Presses for solids dewatering. The company has in excess of 60 silt pollution prevention projects ongoing at any one time, as far afield as the Orkney Isles and New South Wales, Australia. The Siltbuster process is considered best practice for the management of dirty water pumped from construction sites. The whole Siltbuster range has been designed to meet the increasing need to improve environmental protection of water courses, groundwater, marine environments and hence water sources both present and future.

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