The UK & Ireland’s only Free Geotechnical Seminar series

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised frankly, a lot of good solid solutions for problems in the ground presented with an absence of hype

Useful costing information

Useful costing information, and a good spread of specialities that were relevant to my area which is housebuilding

I learnt a lot…

I learnt a lot this morning, particularly from the case studies showing practical applications of
various technologies.

Great overview

GEOTEX has a great overview of the new and existing products made available by its Speakers…

Exhibiting at GEOTEX Seminars

The Results of speaking at a GEOTEX Seminar tangible, we have been able to secure new orders as a result of exhibiting at GEOTEX Seminars and of course get the news of our innovations out to the industry as a whole…

Attract consultants, clients and contractors

GEOTEX seminars attract consultants, clients and contractors which allows us to promote our business to industry professionals, whom we may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet…